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Thursday, November 15, 2018

My Top 3 Favs!

New to Young Living Essential Oils, new to essential oils in general, you have your starter kit...NOW WHAT?

I'd like to share with you my top three favorite essential oils, my go-to's, my everyday oils:

1. Lavender

  • What's the deal with lavender?  Why is lavender one of my top three?  Lavender is considered to be the "jack of all trades" of essential oils.  When in doubt and not sure which oil to use, I reach for Lavender.  
  • Lavender has been known to assist in giving a calming effect and enhancing sleep and relaxation.
    • Add a refreshing scent to your linens with a little lavender spray
    • Add a few drops of lavender to Epsom salt for a simple bath salt 
    • Rub onto your temples to alleviate stress

2. Peppermint

  • Have you ever heard of the peppermint trick?  No?????  Let me enlighten you!  Are you prone to head pains and discomfort?  Peppermint Vitality to the rescue!  Put a couple of drops of Peppermint Vitality onto your palm.  Rub your thumb on your palm and press your thumb to the roof of your mouth for about 30 seconds.  Rub your hands together and inhale a couple big breaths.  This will be your go-to from now on!
    • BONUS: You will also have fresh breath!  
  • Did you know that Peppermint also helps to assist in tummy discomfort?  Apply some peppermint to your tummy, rub it into your skin.  
  • Peppermint is also helpful in cooling down after a long and hard workout routine.  Apply some peppermint essential oil to your muscles for some relaxing and cooling effects.

3. Thieves

  • AMAZING!!!  Thieves is actually a combination of some powerhouse oils such as clove, cinnamon, lemon, rosemary, and eucalyptus.  These oils together create quite the punch with a rich, spicy aroma.
  • In need of supporting your immune system...turn to Thieves!  Put a drop on a Kleenex, inhale for some additional immune support.  Rub some Thieves onto the soles of your feet.  
  • Thieves makes a great household cleaner by adding a drop of Thieves Essential Oil to distilled vinegar.  Not only does it act as a great antibacterial cleaner, but also freshens your house as well.
These are just my three go-to oils, but by no means the only oils we use.  I will continue to share with you the many oils we use in our home regularly.

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