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Can I diffuse this oil around my baby?  What oils are safe for children?

Recently I have been asked these questions, wondering what oils are safe to use and diffuse around our children.  As a mom, I want to be sure that I am using products that are safe for my children.  There is a short list of some oils to avoid around children, especially infants, which include Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Hyssop, Sage, Idaho Tansy, and Clary Sage.  I have attached a link to the Young Living Blog which provides more information about using oils around children and infants.  

Young Living recognizes the need for parents to introduce a healthy lifestyle to their children, so
not only do they explain diffusing and diluting oils for children, but also have developed oils and products specifically for babies and children.  While we currently do not use all of the oils or products of the Seedlings or KidScents lines, my children have been taking the KidScents MightyPro vitamins for a few months.  Do you remember the taste of PixiSticks?  That's exactly how they taste!  SO GOOD!  My kids eat them as is, but the vitamins can be diluted in water, juice, foods, and more! 
Please visit the link below for more information from Young Living' Blog.

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