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So here goes...a little bit about me, and why I've decided to embark on this wellness journey of using essential oils.  As you read, I am a mom of four children.  I am extremely lucky to have these four fantastic children in my life, not to mention my incredible husband.  I will not deny the fact that we have a crazy busy lifestyle, sometimes borderline insane, but it sure is fun!  This past summer each child played baseball/softball.  Two played on two teams, so for a total of six teams, games played May through July...PLUS Fallball...we have over 110 games this past season.  How do we do it?  We plan and organize as best we can.  When needed, we ask for help.  Needless to say, Stress Away has become a very close friend of mine, so much so that I made some bath salts with it too!

For the past 17 years, I have worked in the educational field.  I have taught all grade levels, Spanish, earned a Master's Degree and Administrative Certification, worked as a principal and most recently switched gears to Special Education.  I am currently taking classes to receive an endorsement in Special Education.  I have witnessed the many benefits Young Living essential oils have provided for students with regard to focus, calming, and sleep, that this made sense for me to bring to our family as well.  Along with the above-mentioned benefits, Young Living essential oils provide immune and wellness support for us and our families, something much needed as a teacher and a mom!

Not only do I I hope to provide you with my reasons for using essential oils, but also enlighten you as a parent, and give you some peace of mind when learning more about essential oils.


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