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Friday, March 29, 2019

All Things Thieves

March 29, 2019 0 Comments
As health and wellness are on the rise, you will see many more companies put products on the shelf that appear to be safe and read “all natural,” but are they really all that safe?

The Think Dirty app is an application you can use to scan products and see how they rate in terms of safety. If anything rates a six or higher, I don't touch it with a ten-foot pole. If it rates between a 3-5, I check out the ingredient/s that are making it rate that high and also look them up on The Environmental Working Group website to see why that ingredient is given a higher rating. If that ingredient is the LAST ingredient listed on the product label, I know there is only a small amount in the product. Then I make my own judgment call on whether I want to use the product or not. Products rated 1-2 are completely safe and are my top picks.

If that feels uber time-consuming, it is a great idea to find a company that has your health in mind and is committed to producing products that are safe and effective.
Enter Young Living.

Click on the Link below for our class presentation and some easy and quick DIY healthy alternatives for your home!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Are you ready to LOVE your oils?

February 03, 2019 0 Comments
Happy February!! Love and self-pampering are in the air this month with Valentine's Day just around the corner. I don't know about you, but 2019 is busier than ever! I have been using my Peace & Calming oil , Lavender and Tea Tree bath bombs, and Orange Blossom Face Wash and Moisturizer like no other to create some more relaxing in-home SPA moments and decrease the occasional stress and anxiety.
What are you doing to create a little more Peace & Calm in your life? If you need a little help in that department, YL and I have you covered this month!  Our February Newsletter is coming your way! Please check it out for details about our February promos, featured oils, and upcoming classes.
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Saturday, January 5, 2019

New Year! New You!

January 05, 2019 0 Comments
Ready to begin again for 2019?  So many of us think of starting a new year and having to make a laundry list of resolutions to improve this year ahead.  Realistically we make the resolutions, try and follow them for about a week, and then reality sets in...

Trust me, I've been there too, more times than I can count.  I do have one resolution though that we have committed to in my family, Young Living Essential Oils.  Would you be willing to start fresh with me this year?  You don't have to be a New Year's resolution type of person to decide this year is YOUR year to take back your health.  Join me and the thousands of others as we dedicate 2019 to a healthy lifestyle using Young Living products.  Make it YOUR mission to use one of your Young Living Products EVERY SINGLE DAY, and try one NEW product every month this year to see how your life and health transform.

Are you ready to get started?  Read our new and information packed January Newsletter.  Click HERE!